about affilinet connect


Publisher benefits

affilinet Connect offers publishers a one stop shop for accessing the brand assets of affiilinet's leading advertisers.  The affilinet Connect Homepage gives a personalised overview of the latest campaigns and news most relevant to a specific publisher.  

Campaigns can contain video files, embedded YouTube clips, high resolution photos, pdfs and high quality written content.  Publishers can also discover new content by viewing trending topics or using the full-text search.  

affilinet Connect offers a single sign-on between itself and the Publisher Dashboard which means publishers can switch between the two without having to remember another password. For most campaigns there will be an easy to use deeplink generator, and for advertisers which have a product feed, Connect offers an easy to use configuration wizard that allows pulishers to select and download specific products; either in realtime or at scheduled intervals.

Launching soon

affilinet will enable all publishers to add additional data to their account profile including the topics their audience are interested in, and the type of campaigns they would like to promote. This ensures that publishers recieve the most relevant communication and campaigns from advertisers going forward.


Advertiser benefits

Advertisers now have the opportunity to showcase their brand fully to affiliates!  Using rich media, video and written content. Campaigns can be scheduled and deployed in advance, product pages can be created and easy to use interfaces for configuring product feeds can be made available to publishers with just a few clicks.  

affilinet Connect also offers comprehensive display settings which means that advertisers can control which publishers see specific content.  Assets can be made publically available on the affilinet Connect Homepage, or they can be restricted to be shown to publishers that are logged in and have a partnership with the program.

Launching soon

Advertisers will be able search for publishers they have not already partnered with and invite them to work on their program(s).  Existing publishers can be contacted using specifc criteria; in both cases the functionality is supported by publishers adding tags to their accounts. 

For more information about Connect please email us at connect@affili.net or contact the affilinet team